Beach Worn Jewelry

Handcrafted, Elegant and Original  


WELCOME!  Beach Worn Jewelry features a variety of uniquely designed styles All hand crafted. All the jewelry is crafted using top quality sterling silver and an assortment of semi-precious stones. All the sea glass and beach stones used in all the jewelry are all naturally beach worn - never buffed or tumbled.  Beach Worn jewelry is adventurous and stylish and fuses an organic feeling with tasteful and elegant.



All the jewelry is made with sterling silver, 14k gold and touches of semi-precious stones woven in here and there. 


Handcrafted Links make for the rustic but elegant feel;  always using the highest quality materials and naturally shaped sea glass.

Bracelets and Rings 

All the pieces are one of a kind; created with artists whimsy and a touch of  eccentricity.