Beach Worn Jewelry

Handcrafted, Elegant and Original  

Keeping the integrity:

Through out the years sea glass has become some what of a phenomenon lending itself to many different sorts of mediums . Where once Katherine was the only sea glass jeweler in Maine, now there are a number of different artist who are creating art from these sea gems . Unfortunately some of the integrity in the material has been lost and some artist and crafters have resorted to using fake machine made “sea glass” in their art. Katherine has a deep commitment to preserving the integrity of the medium by using only the highest quality , naturally shaped sea glass found just as it is from. The seaglass used in the jewelry is never buffed or tumbled. 

What and where is sea glass?


Although seaglass is a world wide phenomenon,  appearing wherever people and sea collide,  as you may have discovered, not all the beaches have sea glass. If you wish to beach comb for the gems successfully the best place to try is on the site of an old homestead that is located on the shoreline. It was once a common practice for old homesteads to dump their garbage right on to the beach in front of the house. The beach collects the glass garbage in its watery grip and tumbles it around in the winter storms, in and out going tide until it becomes smooth and frosty. Most sea glass you find on the beaches of Maine today are at least 50 years old or more. Some of the more common colors you may find are green brown and whites. The rare colors include, pinks, lavenders, yellow , red and orange. 

Now that we have garbage pick ups and dump sites far away from the coast line, sea glass is becoming more and more rare and hard to find. Our current practices of recycling and use of plastic instead of glass do not help either...  and of course to the increased popularity of collecting the gems makes some colors of sea glass rarer than diamonds!!