Beach Worn Jewelry

Handcrafted, Elegant and Original  


"In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand, there is the story of the earth."
~ Rachel Carson

Notes on the search for Sea glass

If you are combing the beach searching.... there are always treasures to be found. Often we can find more than what we seek, even if we are not sure exactly what that is.  A delicate little shell or specially shaped rock which can sooth the eye and calm the mind. With the right kind of day and a quiet peace of mind, in and among the rolling rocks and waning tide, Sliding the seaweed to the side, peeking under warm rocks you may happen to find the naturally Beach worn bit of glass. A treasure left by the pirates and people of olden days ; leaving bits of themselves rolling around in the shore to be washed clean and smooth by the waves of the ocean. 

If you are dedicated in your search for the Beach worn glass, success is guaranteed with time and desire. First, to find the right beach where they are abundant., and then to clear the mind of chatter and preoccupation and just let the eye roam. It is in it self a meditative experience, searching for Beach Worn sea glass, lulled by the soft sounds of the sea meeting shore. There is a Zen quality to this searching endlessly,  for treasures on the beaches in our lives. Hoping to find certain colors or shapes to add to our collection we look and look. And we may find, along the way, other treasure of beauty we had not even imagined. Some times we find nothing and feel discouraged.. .Wishing our luck were better. I will tell you, however, after years of this kind of searching … it has little to do with luck… and sometimes it is when we give up the search , when we sit and let it go of expectation and desires …. that the most extraordinary treasures find us.

May you find many blessings in your search for treasure on the beach.